Australia + Author = Awesomeness!

One of the most frequent questions I receive is some variant on “When are you coming to Australia?” or “Why do you always go to the UK when you could come Down Under?”

Here’s the great news: I will be visiting your wonderful continent in June 2013 providing all the travel plans and appearance arrangements work out.  I’ll be attending two conventions over two weekends and hope to do some meet and greets (very informal sorts of chats over some sort of beverage) and various authorial types of events.

ALL of this is up in the air (except the convention appearances which are pretty much set in stone. I’ll not discuss that much until I get the greenlight from the con folks). The rest of my itinerary has to be hammered out with various people/organizations. Anything like this always requires some heavy lifting to get everything in place.

I do know that I shall in be in Sydney and Perth for sure. I’m hoping to get to Melbourne as well. This will be first trip to Australia and depending on which route I fly (west vs. east) I’m looking at 24 – 40 hours of travel. Oy! Luckily I know what to expect as I’ve flown to Hong Kong before, but still…. (Note to self: load a lot of e-books in the iPad).

That’s just some of my glorious news. There’s more to come but I can’t share that yet. I’m SO very much looking forward to meeting as many of my lovely Oz readers as I can. You guys have been so wonderful to me. And I promise to answer any questions you have about dear Riley and Beck or *my new project* (that’s the other news.)

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